Chinese language master class

October 3 in the art space "ComeIn" was a master class in Chinese. The guys plunged into the atmosphere of oriental culture and practiced writing hieroglyphs.
04 October 2019, Friday
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On October 3, with the support of the Mayor of the Universiade Village, Ilnur Rakhimov, a master class in Chinese was held in the ComeIn art space. Held by his teacher of oriental languages, Institute of International Relations K (P) FU Olga Saifutdinova.

She told the children the story of Chinese writing and what it consists of. Of course, the first component is hieroglyphs that have come a long way in development. At first they were much more complicated and were applied on the shell of turtles, then they began to write on rice paper using mascara.

Participants in the evening also learned that the Chinese language includes a table of yin-yang (syllables) and 5 tones.

The guys under the strict guidance of Olga tried to write the hieroglyphs themselves and trained to pronounce syllables correctly.

In China, by the way, there are many dialects, so it is better to start learning one that is standardized by the state.

After learning Chinese, you can go to work in one of the leading powers in the world. It is quite complicated, but very interesting.

Go for it!