Speed friending

Anyone who is alien to loneliness and new acquaintances is interested in, in “ComeIn” on March 3, there was a game of speed friending.
03 March 2019, Sunday
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The team of the Universiade Village, with the support of Mayor Ilnura Rakhimov, created one of the most comfortable places - the art space “ComeIn”. Its atmosphere is conducive to meeting new people. And the game “Speed ​​friending”, which took place on March 2, allowed it to be done in just five minutes.

The “Speed ​​Dating” event was taken as a sample, only the guys were looking not for their soul mate, but for a future friend.

Each had a card on the back with the name of the hero of a famous work or film. By asking leading questions, participants guessed what was written and found a pair. Then exactly 5 minutes were given for acquaintance and conversation. It turns out that this time is enough to make friends with a man.

The games held during the breaks helped to get to know each other better. For example, students made unusual riddles to each other, competed, which pair would be longer to tie a rope from different pieces.

Time flew by. Jokes and laughter did not stop for a minute. Everyone was so close to each other that after the end of the event they did not hurry to say goodbye, but talked kindly.

In a word, ComeIn unites.