Korean master class

14 March 2019, Thursday
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Фотогаллерея новости

The art space “ComeIn” gives its guests the opportunity to touch new knowledge. On the evening of March 13, with the support of the administration of the State University of the Republic of Tatarstan “Universiade Village”, a master class in Korean was held by the instructor of the Institute of International Relations K (P) FU Gainullina Lyayli Aydarovna. She argues that in order to understand a language, you need to know the country in which it lives and develops. Therefore, she began her lecture with a story about the culture of Korea, shared what motivated her to learn Korean and how it was useful to her in life. And then she explained the structure of the language and the rules of reading to the children. It turns out that the Korean language is read by syllables, not by whole words.

In conclusion, Lyayla Aydarovna spoke about Korean music and, in particular, about the direction of K-POP. This genre is popular around the world, including in Russia. The guys were very interested to hear the opinion of a linguist about him.

All students listened attentively to the lecturer and asked questions. Undoubtedly, such lectures in the “ComeIn” art-space are always interesting and heartfelt, because everyone is interested in learning about something new.