Interview with the chief administrator of Clean City

28 December 2019, Saturday
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Фотогаллерея новости

Many experts consider professions related to communication with people to be the most difficult. In them, not everything depends on the knowledge and qualifications of a specialist - the ability to find an approach to a person and choose the right behavior strategy to achieve a positive result decides a lot. Lily has been working in the Universiade Village since 2013. She came from Pestretsov, now lives in Kazan and is the main administrator of the Clean City. To get to know this wonderful man better, we decided to take a short interview with her.
- Which students do you like the most?
“It is very interesting to work with students, you make many new friends, remember the time when you were a student yourself.”
- And how was your student life?
“My student body is the best time. I studied law at the Cooperative College, then I entered the Russian Law Academy of the Ministry of Justice. Like many students, I had a lot of fun, but I did not forget about studying. ”
- What advice would you give yourself as a student?
“To value that time more and devote oneself to study.”
- What did you want to ask students?
“Be polite, respectful. “Many students perceive me as a student, and sometimes it interferes with my work.”
 “Not everyone can work with people,” says Lilia. She loves her job very much and wishes everyone to find something to their liking.