Interview with Housing Maintenance Engineer

29 December 2019, Sunday
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On the territory of the Universiade Village there is a round-the-clock service of the housing stock called ADF. Students often turn to this service, writing down in a notebook a request for repair. But few people know that the village’s website has a special section devoted to repair requests.

With the support of the Universiade Village, we interviewed an employee who is always close to student life.

This organization includes janitors, fitters, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, painters - in short, everyone who makes living in the Universiade Village comfortable. The engineer of the ADF is Tyukanova Veronika Aleksandrovna.

Please tell us how long you have been working in the Universiade Village.

- I have been working since April 2019, and I like: there is always something new.

- Have you had any funny cases at work?

-Our employees help not only students: once they had to save a funnel. The birds chose the 2nd house, and the chick caught on one of the structures with a wing. There was a noise and croaking ... But our workers saved him.

-Which students bring you joy?

-Students who in applications can express thoughts briefly and clearly; Describe exactly what, where, and how it happened. And also those who find mutual understanding with employees. Some manage to make friends with employees, it is very nice.

-And how was your student life?

-My students did not go so brightly, because I studied by correspondence, and I received education at KSTU with a degree in state municipal administration.

- What advice would you give yourself as a student?

- Be serious about studying from the first year.

-Do you have a motto with which you go through life?

-I really like the phrase from the movie "Gone with the Wind." Scarlett said in difficult moments: "I will think about it tomorrow."

- What do you do in your free time?

-I like to walk along the old streets, for example, near the Black Lake, to be saturated with their special energy. I also go in for sports: this allows me to cope with problems.

-What would you like to wish students?

-Everyone has tipping points, and I want the students, first of all, to think about their parents and about their future. We are not alone, as it seems to us.

I wish everyone to find their calling, to receive education in their specialty. It is very important to come to work with a smile: the quality of activity depends on this.

You are lucky to study full-time and live in the Universiade Village. Here are the special conditions. So let’s take care of them and support them in order to pass them on to future students. Who knows, maybe your children will be among them ...