How to pass a session? Tips from a third year student of Kazan Federal University

10 January 2020, Friday
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New Year's holidays came to an end, and there came a hot couple for all students - a session. Each student, during his studies at the university, has already developed his secrets for successful passing, but for first-year students this is the first serious exam. Third-year student, Institute of Computational Mathematics and Information Technology, Kazan Federal University - Nikiforova Daria Alekseevna, decided not to give great advice that will help to survive the first session and successfully pass the exams.

The most difficult part about taking exams, the uncertainty and moral pressure, says Daria, - personally, there are few tickets for my exams or any specific questions that need to be learned in my area, they usually just say that we taught everything and you don’t know what exactly to expect from the exam. Often, internal feelings also affect you, you tune in to the assessment, worry about whether you have mastered all the material accurately, your parents and some teachers are pushing you, who look into your answer sheet and it knocks you down! At a time when the experience is already at its limit, I advise you to take your mind off (not during the exam of course!) To go for a walk in the Universiade Village, enjoy the views and return to preparation again, because a lot depends on it.

It is also very important to maintain myself in a favorable mood, the preparation process itself helps me in this, Dasha argues, I divide it into 2 blocks and give myself one day to rest and do my own thing between these blocks. I can go for a walk with friends, go to the cinema or a shopping center, go to my relatives, spend time in the Come-art art space in the Universiade Village, the main thing is to give yourself a rest!

All the time that I study at the university and live in the Village, I go as students, follow a large number of traditions, but for me there are only a few - I always bring a happy pen with me, which helps me pass the exams well, and before the exam I call mom, and I ask you to scold me strongly. Either my preparation helps, or this sign really works!

We thank Daria for sharing her secrets of successful completion, and we wish all students a successful session!