Universiade Village Services through the eyes of a student

07 February 2020, Friday
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What services do you use in the Universiade Village? - We asked a 3rd year student of the Institute of Computational Mathematics, Nikiforova Daria Alekseevna. The Universiade Village has many services that can make a student's life easier.

We started with “My Laundry” laundries, which are located in house 11a (the price is about 130 rubles), and in house 15a (where the price is from 150 to 230 rubles).

- What do you think, which laundry is more convenient to use?

The difference in these laundries is, says Dasha, that there is an administrator in house No. 11a, which is a plus, because it is possible to drop your non-laundered items before the couples, and then pick up the ones that have already been washed. There is no administrator in house No. 15a, this is a launderette, so if you have free time, you can take things after the pairs and leave them to be washed for a while. It is worth noting that it turns out more profitable when you erase a large number of things at once.

-By the way, in building No. 11a there are still such services as mail, Copy Center, Atelier, Tattelecom, what can you tell about them?

If we talk about mail, on the one hand it’s convenient that you can order anything from sites and pick up packages within walking distance. Or, on the contrary, send any news to relatives who live far away. But, on the other hand, in the mail most often there is a queue that is very difficult to withstand. In the Copy Center service, which is located not far from the post office, you can always print documents or photos in high quality, the only negative is the not very convenient working time, like the Tattelecom office, Dasha said

-After a difficult school day, you always want to replenish your energy reserves, for this there are two different services in the Universiade Village. Dining and Supermarket, which one is closer to you?

Basically, I cook everything myself, or I buy it in a supermarket. - says Dasha, - so I visited the dining room only once. I visit the supermarket often, because all the products that I buy in this supermarket are cheaper than in Magnet, which is opposite.

 - Well, and the last one on the list, but not the last by value - the art space “Fireplace”, what can you say about it?

I go there not so often, because after work I work, but I know that there are always interesting budgetary events there, which is very important for students, and also distracts from routine studies.

-Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us, maybe you have something that you still want to share?

Yes, all the disadvantages that seem to surround the students living in the village disappear, because there are many more positive aspects. And therefore, every time I leave home for the holidays, I look forward to returning to the Village, to this adult, independent life, student atmosphere. Therefore, while there is an opportunity to live in the village, I will be happy to learn and try something new in this soul-friendly place. - says Dasha.

If you want to tell about your impressions, about the services that are in the Universiade Village, you can use the section of the Infrastructure website and leave a review on the page of this service.