Students Council

Student Council (SC) of the Volga Region State Academy of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism was created with the purpose of ensuring the rights of living in a dormitory of undergraduate and graduate to participate in the important issues of life in the dormitories, development of social activity, support and realization of social initiatives.

Objectives of the SC:

3.1. Work aimed at raising awareness among residents, to foster respect for the property of the residential complex, Patriotic attitude to the spirit and traditions of the educational institution;

3.2. Activation of independent creative and sports activities of students living in the Universiade Village;

3.3. Promoting the creation of decent conditions for study, life and leisure of students and postgraduates;

3.4. Strengthening of inter-University relations;

3.7. Ensuring compliance with the rules of internal regulations living in a residential complex.

Why should you join the SC?

SC is one team that is always happy to see new people and help those who need it. We try to improve the lives of students and implement new activities that make the whole dormitory one big family.


Student Council


Lokalov Alexander Sergeevich
Chairman of the Student Council of the hostel
Sitdikova Alina Rustamovna
Head of the Organizational Sector
Nigmatullin Ramil Raisovich
Head of the sports sector
Saitova Adelya Maratovna
Head of Information Sector
Sattarov Ilsaf Ilshatovich
Head of the cultural sector
Kuzmina Angelina Anatolevna
Social Sector Leader
Pakhtaeva Anastasia Alexandrovna
Head of the Volunteer Sector
Muzafarov Konstantin Anatolevich
Head of the Patriotic Sector