Students Association of Universiade Village

The Association of students of the Universiade Village was created in 2011 on the territory of the Universiade Village on the initiative of students. The Association of Students is a self-government body  of KFU, which coordinates the activities of Student councils of residential buildings of the Universiade Village and represents the interests of nonresident students in solving housing, social issues, implements student initiatives in the field of sports and recreational, cultural and mass work.
     In its work, the Students Association pays great attention to the issue of adaptation of first-year students to the University space through annual events, tests, schools of student activists, aimed at identifying and disclosing leadership qualities.
It is the students who form the culture and traditions within the Universiade Village. Monthly meetings are regularly organized and held, as well as winter and summer schools of the Universiade Village Activists.
     During the work of this Association, an effective organizational structure has been built, a large number of activities have been developed, traditions and cultures have been formed. One of the indicators of the successful work Of the Association of students is the holding of such mass and large-scale events as: sports student festivals "Day of health", "The UV - the territory of healthy lifestyle", "Healthy relay", "Running lights"; festival of short films "Non-stop"; creative festivals "Student autumn", " I am the talent!""Freshman day UV", "UV Superman", "the Festival of foreign students" and many other activities.
     The Result of the activities of the Students Association is a large number of implemented projects aimed at cooperation with student organizations of KFU. The Association has achievements of various levels, such as: the Cup winner of the Republican Youth Forum-2012, Winner in the nomination "The best student Council of Kazan Federal University 2012", Winner in the nomination "The Best student government in the  RT dormitory 2013", 2nd place in the nomination "Social advertising", "Best  student government body 2016." Also, thanks to the Students Association, the Universiade Village  has been the winner of the contest "student dormitories among higher educational institutions" of Kazan for four years.


The Association of students of the Universiade Village

Vashchenko Angelina Sergeevna
Chairman of ASDU
Rakhmatulina Rosalia Shamilevna
The main sports organizer ASDU
Sabitova Adel Glyusovna
The main cultural organizer of ASDU
Rakhmonov Humoyun Rustamzhon
Head of student associations ASDU
Shatrov Kirill Mikhailovich
The head of the housing department ASDU, Sanitary sector
Sidorov Alexander Sergeevich
Head of Department for Interaction with Foreign Students
Yakushev Boris Svetoslavovich
Club Leader, Head of Legal Department of the ASDU
Eremeeva Polina Viktorovna
Club Leader, Head of Media Direction ASDU