Repair request

Заявка на ремонт Деревни Универсиады

How to apply for repair work?

Here is a request form for repair work, thanks to which you can apply for repair of a malfunction in your room.

To apply:

1. Choose a house and indicate your room of residence;
2. Indicate your name, Email and contact phone number;
3. Determine the "Place of failure", then select "Type of work" and indicate "Damage";
4. For a more detailed description of the damage, you can write in the "Message" field;
5. After filling in all the fields, click the "Submit" button.

Further, the application for repair work will be sent to the specialist and within 2 working days the problem will be fixed.

After the repair work is completed, a letter will be sent to your specified Email, where you can leave a response by clicking on the specified link.

If you have problems with electric stoves and refrigerators - contact the house manager directly.

Houses of the Universiade Village from 1 to 21 inclusive are no longer serviced.