Competition "Cuisine of the World"

Дата мероприятия:
28 October 2019 г., Monday 18:00

Место проведения:

Universiade Village

Описание мероприятия:

In the framework of the annual Festival “Mosaic of the Nations of the World” in the Universiade Village on October 24, 2019, the culinary art competition “Cuisine of the World” will start.
The colorful event will become a platform for demonstrating the cultural and culinary features of various countries and will demonstrate the talents of the inhabitants of the Universiade Village.
"Cuisine of the World" is a festival that every year becomes more colorful and grander. The main condition of the competition is the submission of national cuisine dishes to the jury.
Thanks to the rich imagination of the children, their creative approach to the task, the audience and the jury will plunge into the bright atmosphere of the holiday.