Victory Day Celebration

Victory Day Celebration
Дата мероприятия:
07 May 2019 г., Tuesday 14:00

Место проведения:

near the stele of the Universiade Village

Описание мероприятия:

Everybody dreamed about the victory in 1941-1945. And she came only in 1418 days. And it was not majestic, but mournful, because we got a very expensive price. She tested our great-grandfathers for strength. And then the whole world saw that Russia was full of heroes, for whom the feat in those long, terrible years was common.

In memory of the soldiers of those times, a festive program will take place in the Universiade Village, where you can take part in laying flowers to the monument in the Glory Square, meet with World War II veterans and attend a concert prepared by students of our campus.

Heroes do not go away, they live forever in our memory.