Red Bull Basement University

Red Bull Basement University
Дата мероприятия:
14 October 2019 г., Monday 16:00

Место проведения:

Universiade Village Conference Hall, Building 11A (1st floor)

Описание мероприятия:

You won’t scare students of the Universiade Village by programming or creating applications, which means that each of us is able to bring some technology to life and take part in the Red Bull Basement University project, which is designed to improve student life with the help of technology and innovation and solve, perhaps, small but important student problems.

Interested in? Come to the meeting and find out what problems students have and how to solve them. The speaker will talk about creating an innovative project, and the moderator will introduce them in its subject.

If you want to learn more about the project and get to the event, write @zatsepindmitriy.