State Autonomous institution of the Republic of Tatarstan "The Universiade Village" was created in 03 Aug 2010 to ensure the functioning of unified system for the management of the complex of the Universiade Village in order to ensure its efficient operation, preservation of property and the preparation of the complex to accommodate participants of the Universiade 2013 in Kazan.  This institution manages the real estate complex of the Universiade Village since its commissioning in August 2010. On August 30, 2010 the first students of  Kazan Federal University to live in the first start-up complex of the Universiade Village arrived.

The Universiade Village is a key object of the 2013 games, intended for the reception, accommodation and service of athletes participating in the Universiade 2013 in Kazan. The complex consists of 28 residential buildings with a total area of 274 thousand sq.m., 5362 comfortable living rooms with a capacity of 10832 people. In addition, the Universiade Village includes an international information center. During the 2013 games, it housed the Universiade command center, accreditation and accommodation services, a sports center and an information center, and offices for official delegations.

  The main tasks of the State Autonomous institution of the Republic of Tatarstan"Universiade Village" are:

  • accommodation and service of participants of sports competitions, students and other residents;
  • creation of necessary cultural and living conditions for residents of the Universiade Village;
  • provision of conditions for self-study, cultural and sports events for residents of the Universiade Village;
  • promotion of healthy lifestyles, physical education and sports; 
  • provision of operation and maintenance of heat, water supply, wastewater disposal, electricity, utilities and communications systems in the Universiade Village;
  • sanitary maintenance of premises and surrounding areas.


Rakhimov Ilnur Suleimanovich
Mayor of the Universiade Village
Pigaleva Lyudmila Semenovna
Deputy Director
Mishina Tatyana Yuryevna
Deputy Director for AHC
Yalalov Foat Habibovich
Chief Engineer
Ryabinina Olga Vladimirovna
Head of AHO