"Agent DU 2.0"

On the eve of the holiday of Defender of the Fatherland Day, a test was conducted for boys - "Agent DU 2.0". They experienced strength, dexterity, eloquence and intelligence.
21 February 2020, Friday
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On the eve of Defender of the Fatherland Day on February 20, a real test for boys - "Agent DU 2.0" was held in the conference hall at 11 A.

They congratulated the guys on the upcoming holiday and opened the contest with a welcoming speech by the mayor of the Universiade Village Ilnur Suleymanovich Rakhimov and the head of the department of settlement and extra-curricular work in KFU dormitories Irina Aleksandrovna Babaykina.

The best of the best competed among themselves: Goshayev Ovez, Sergey Tenyaev, Ilyin Roman, Timur Khisamov, Sergey Genrevich, Alexander Melshiyar, Nikita Gvozdev, Bahadzhan Abubakirov and Ramil Abzaletdinov.

A strict jury judged the applicants for the title of best agent, consisting of Babaykina Irina Aleksandrovna, Harisova Diana Ildusovna, Vashchenko Angelina and winner of last year’s competition Baranov Viktor.

The heroes of the evening had to pass the most serious tests. And the first mission was Agent Business Card. The guys very creatively approached the task: someone played the violin, someone played rap, there were some songs in Tatar.

After the successful completion of the first mission, the next one was waiting for them - "Tracking the Object." Each had to find out as much information as possible about one of the rivals. Agents reported it, and one of the participants recognized himself in this description.

The next mission is "Physical Fitness". Here the guys showed dexterity and resourcefulness, tearing a secret document with one hand.

Then they fought in the "Intellectual Biathlon" - answered the most difficult questions.

And their last mission was "Surprise." Agents know the terrain very well, so they easily painted a map of the Universiade Village, marking important objects on it.

The teams of houses were actively rooting for their guys, they prepared chants and posters.

According to the test results, the audience’s sympathy prize was received by Alexander Melshiyar from 17 houses, Timur Khisamov from 15 houses became the laureate. The best agent is Roman Iilin from 5/3.

Also this evening, the winners of the sports contest in the framework of the KFU hostels of the Universiade Village were awarded.

In power all-around, team 14 at home took 3rd place, team 5/1 took second place, and team 15 at first place.

In the ski relay, the 3rd place was taken by the team of 13 at home, the 2nd place - by 2 at home, and the team of 12 at home won.

On such a happy note, the congratulations of the young men ended. Happy Fatherland Defender Day, dear guys!