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Once again, the club of board games “Pandorika” held a game store in the art space “ComeIn”. This evening there were games on the tables.
03 March 2019, Sunday
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On March 2, in the art space “ComeIn”, there was a game store from the board games club Pandorica. The guys brought with them their most popular board games and introduced all the guests of “ComeIn” to them.

That evening there were games on the tables - “Find for a spy”, “Explosive kittens”, “Bang”, “Eureka”. The club instructors first explained the rules of the games, and then controlled how the guys mastered them.

The evening was fun and friendly. That is why the club “Pandorika” plans to resume the weekly game store. So, stay tuned. Perhaps such events will be held every week and everyone will be able to get acquainted with new interesting board games.