Sewing and sewing course

There are a lot of clubs in the Universiade Village. One of these clubs is “Sharp Needles”. You can learn the skills of needlework, as well as take a course in cutting and sewing.
03 April 2019, Wednesday
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With the support of the administration of the State University of Tajikistan “Universiade Village”, house 11a regularly hosts needlework club “Sharp Needles” in the course of cutting and sewing.

Classes are taught by an experienced teacher Kruseva Liliya Vafikovna. She helps children create clothes and teaches the secrets of sewing.

Now in the ranks of her students a few girls and boys. Girls sew skirts, and boys shorts. These are basic products that will help them learn how to cut fabric and sew.

Classes are held every week. Now set to the group is closed. Those interested can sign up for a free course in September 2019.

The club “Sharp Needles” conducts training in several directions at once, some of them can be joined today by contacting its head, Zlata Ponomareva.