Mafia unites

Once again, the game “Mafia” was held in the art space “ComeIn”. This time, “ComeIn” gathered not only regular members of this club, but also newcomers.
09 December 2019, Monday
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Фотогаллерея новости

On December 5, the “Mafia” game was held in the ComeIn art space with the support of the Universiade Village Administration. This is one of the most beloved games of students, because it allows you to better study your rivals, to practice cunning and the ability to convince.

“The city is falling asleep. The mafia wakes up ... ”, so traditionally this game begins at every meeting and lasts more than two hours. According to the participants, time passes unnoticed.

Thanks to the ComeIn art space for hosting events, delicious coffee, cookies and a cozy atmosphere. Come play the Mafia, the upcoming game on Thursday.