Mafia in "ComeIn"

On November 14 in the Universiade Village for 2 hours there was an exciting game of the Mafia club in the most comfortable anticafe “ComeIn”.
18 November 2019, Monday
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Who doesn’t like to play the Mafia board game?

On November 14, with the support of the Universiade Village Administration, Ilya Erashov and Dmitry Pysin organized perhaps one of the students ’most beloved games in the ComeIn art space.

The Mafia is a very famous and simple game, a large company is always willing to gather for it. This time it turned out so interesting that there were several leading ones. Pysin Dmitry and Ilya Balakhontsev showed themselves brilliantly in this role. The remaining participants were also not inferior, applying all their acting skills.

"The city is falling asleep. The mafia wakes up ..." - move by move, and now it's the fifth game. Time flew by, but most importantly, everyone in their souls left a piece of comfort "ComeIn".