Master class from Iso-studio “Shtrih”

For those who wanted to learn how to draw, in the art space “ComeIn” held a master class in drawing with acrylic paints from the art studio “Strich”.
13 March 2019, Wednesday
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The soul sometimes requires creativity. I want to sit comfortably, zakatutsya in a blanket and draw ... "But I do not know how!" - Some will think. A master class from the “Shtrih” studio, which took place in the ComeIn art space on March 9 with the support of the Universiade Village Administration, showed: the main thing is not ability, but desire. Few of the guests of the evening had an artistic education, but one could admire the work of everyone without exception.

Leading the master class Daria Melnikova found an individual approach to each and shared the secrets of creating a masterpiece.

What are the drawing stages? First a sketch is made, then it is painted over. It, by the way, can be executed differently. For example, fill the background, and then draw the details, or vice versa, at the beginning arrange the center, and then the background. “In the latter case, you get an interesting mosaic,” - said Daria.

The value and uniqueness of the work of the guys gave craquelure, creating cracks in the lacquer coating.

There were other subtleties. For example, a very complex process of drawing small flowers with a brush is easier to make with a corner of a sponge. The main thing in this business is not to spare paints and not to be afraid to mix them. And also to know that the two colors are not a line, but a tone.

Other secrets of the delightful design can be found in the “Shtrih” studio. Classes are held on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Creative inspiration to you!