Master class from the studio “Third place” on oratory, guitar and piano

On April 7, in the art zone “ComeIn”, the teachers of the “Third Place” studio conducted master classes in oratory, guitar and piano.
08 April 2019, Monday
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Фотогаллерея новости

All Sunday evening, with the support of the Mayor of the Universiade Village Ilnur Rakhimov, the invited teachers of the “Third Place” studio conducted master classes for students.

Initially, the guys could practice in oratory. Nikolay Polyakov conducted exercises for diction, articulation, breathing, emotions and intonation, that is, work was done on the basics of performance. Unusual was the game in “Snowballs”, where participants had to “pop up” the words “up” and clearly pronounce the consonants: “pthi, ptha, ptha, pthu”. But the task in which the guests' task was to depict the emotions of joy, anger, sadness, and love, while talking about things that cause opposite feelings in everyday life, seemed particularly interesting.

In the middle of the evening, Artem Kondrashin gathered guitarists around himself and gave them the instruments. Together, the guys studied the structure of the guitar, learned different chords, tried to play by fight and bust. For 1 hour the guys went through what in other studios takes several classes.

The evening ended with a master class from Liana Prokofieva, who worked with those who want to learn how to play the piano. The exercises for warming up the fingers were sorted out, and then the well-known compositions in ensemble processing of the neoclassical style. In class, the guys even tried to improvise.

Anyone could come to the master classes, even those who never had a tool in their hands. It was a great chance to feel like a real musician.