Master class from the theater studio "Infinity"

In the Art-space “ComeIn” there was a master class from the theater studio “Infinity”. The guys talked about the secrets of acting.
17 April 2019, Wednesday
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On April 16, in the Art-space “ComeIn”, there was a master class from the theater studio “Infinity”, at which the guests of the evening, together with the organizers, answered the question about the need to have acting skills for each person. These skills help in everyday life: to defend a diploma, make an announcement, perform on stage, gain confidence, learn to speak correctly ...

Most people like to go to the cinema and it is a good theatrical production and acting that help the viewer to cause this or that emotion.

All life is one big performance. In different situations, we act out roles, so why can't everyone play on stage?

Acting, work with imaginary objects, the ability to direct your energy to the audience, the right diction, stage movement - all this is necessary for a good game. Timur, Lena, Danil and Anya opened up the secrets of acting art to the participants of the event and showed exercises for training some skills. So, for example, repeating vowels with different intonation, consonants, stress, you can put on stage speech. And in order to feel more confident on stage, you need to breathe properly.

Also, the guys said that it is very important to maintain contact with the viewer, so you can not turn your back to him.

Develop, in each of us there is a huge potential and we can achieve incredible success!