TechnoHub Master Class

In the Universiade Village, the second part of the “Meet WorldSkills Meet” workshop from the open TechnoHub Workshop, dedicated to WorldSkills in Kazan, was held.
29 April 2019, Monday
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With the support of the administration of the Universiade Village, the second part of the master class on creating the Worldskills championship logo in Kazan was held by Alexander Vidineev, head of the TechnoHub open workshop, and his colleague Artyom Pronin.

The unique object was created by the hands of non-professional students. Both boys and girls first polished wooden parts with emery paper, then painted them blue and connected with screws.

In the process of work, Alexander and Artyom talked about the intricacies of painting: for example, you need to work with a brush along the fibers, do not spare paint, but do not leave stains.

After the general photo, there was a solemn rewarding of the master-class participants with memorable gifts from the Worldskills organizing committee in Kazan, diplomas from the Mayor of the Universiade Village Ilnur Rakhimov and the open-air TechnoHub workshop.

Alexander Vidineev thanked the participants for their diligence and resourcefulness: “Despite the cold weather, the strangers with each other were happy to do important work, united and became a single team.”

We thank everyone who contributed to the creation of an art object.