Photography workshop

Yesterday, on March 31, a master class from wedding and family photographer Diana Habibrahmanova was held in the art space “ComeIn”.
01 April 2019, Monday
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Фотогаллерея новости
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Фотогаллерея новости
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Фотогаллерея новости
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Фотогаллерея новости

The evening of March 31 brought everyone together to learn new things about the world of photography. Diana Khabibrakhmanova, a wedding and family photographer popular in Kazan, with the support of the administration of the Universiade Village, held a free master class in the art space “ComeIn”.

Relying on her personal experience, Diana answered exciting questions and gave 5 tips “How?” To beginning photographers:

  1. How to work with clients?
  2. How to collaborate with makeup artists and models?
  3. How to select locations for shooting, platforms for moving photographers?
  4. How to avoid trouble at shooting?
  5. How to position yourself and present the finished product?

And also about how to find your direction and combine creativity and commerce.

The main thing, according to Diana, is just to try different directions, talk about yourself, show your portfolio ... Experience! That's what makes for unique shots. Novice photographers can work as assistants, experiment (at least on the phone), read more literature, communicate with other photographers, make a wish board and hang inspirational photos on it, as well as surround themselves with aesthetic things.

Our speaker also shared useful resources: websites, books, and the names of interesting photo masters.

The participants of the master class Diana Habibrakhmanova chose not to be afraid to declare themselves as a photographer and share their work in social networks. And in the process of filming to be friendly with the client.

Dear photographers! Position yourself as a brand, look for your style, create and enjoy!