Master class in oratory from the “Knowledge Park”

March 12, in the Come-Art zone in the Universiade Village a master class in oratory by "the Knowledge Park" was held.
14 March 2020, Saturday
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Фотогаллерея новости

On March 12, in the Come-Art art space, with the support of the Universiade Village Administration, a oratory master class from the Knowledge Park was held.

“Knowledge Park” is a unique platform where people can take courses in any direction. Denis Artemyev is a teacher of oratory. Today he has dedicated us to this direction. What is the main thing in the speech: speech, demeanor, gestures, facial expressions? All this affects how you will be perceived by the audience. Firstly, the posture in which you are standing should be free and comfortable for you. Secondly, when speaking, you should not close your palms, but rather gesticulate with them, but do not wave them too much. Thirdly, this is your speech. It should be crisp and clear, not too fast and not too monotonous. For training, it is recommended to do exercises with the face and mouth, repeat tongue twisters, engage in beatboxing. It is also necessary to maintain eye contact with the audience. The main problem before the performance is the excitement. A common mistake is drinking alcohol and sedatives. To calm yourself, you can do any physical exercise, tighten your muscles, etc.

Oratory is the ability to work with an audience, to behave on stage. The ability to speak confidently is needed not only when speaking, but also when communicating with friends, acquaintances, relatives, so develop, work on yourself and reach new heights!