Master class on speed reading and memory development

On February 18, a master class in speed reading and memory development with an excellent master was held in the ComeIn art space in the Universiade Village.
19 February 2020, Wednesday
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On February 18, a master class on speed reading and memory development was held in the ComeIn Art space with the support of the Universiade Village Administration.

People perceive a lot of information and few can structure it. Did you know that there is such a person who can remember absolutely everything? Developed memory helps us a lot. As you know, a person has two hemispheres and it is important to develop both. To do this, there are many exercises using hands, for example, try to twist your arms in different directions: one forward and the other back. There are also several ways to remember certain information: the Cicero method, the method of rational repetition, smart cards, and many others. Lateral vision plays an important role, as it allows you to cover a large amount of text. For training, there is a Schulte table in which, looking at one point, you must find all the numbers.

Scientists have proved that personal beliefs, self-esteem also affect the quality of digestible information. If you think that you will not succeed, that you cannot do something, then all your efforts will be in vain. The main thing is to love yourself, always say only good things about yourself and not compare with other people, then your brain will listen to you and accept absolutely any information.