Opening Time-cafe "ComeIn"

September 21, the opening of Time-cafe "ComeIn". An interesting concert program, pranks and an incendiary disco were prepared for the children who came to the party.
23 сентября 2019, Monday
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On September 21, the long-awaited opening of the ComeIn art space took place. It began with a video and a congratulatory word from the deputy mayor of the Universiade Village Lyudmila Semenovna Pigaleva. For guests, and there were an incredible amount on this day, musical numbers were prepared. Anastasia Krasilnikova sang the Neva song of the Friday group, music engineers - saxophonist Aivaz Nasibullin and keyboard player Alexander Ishin, who also performed the author's song, pleased Yaroslav Lensky and sang the Enjoy guitar and Kuddusia Shakirzyanova sang Rag n'Bone man "of the Human group.

The host Sardor Abduraimov had interesting interactions: "Shazam", a competition for the most interesting scene and for the best performance of the song. The guys divided into teams, guessed tunes, beat random situations, sang songs in Tatar and Ukrainian. It was hot! All participants received pleasant gifts: regular customer cards for a 10% discount in the studio, certificates for free admission to the Salon of rent, art space "ComeIn" and much more.

The solemn part ended with a draw, where winners were randomly selected. They also received certificates for visiting the Universiade Village services.

Then the guys were waiting for an incendiary disco with DJ Almaz.

It should be noted that during the evening anyone could get a free cocktail, play board games with the Pandorika club or play the PlayStation.

Art space "ComeIn" always pleases with interesting events. Follow the news on Instagram @comein_uv and in the VKontakte group. A visit costs only 1 ruble per minute. There is an anti-cafe every day, except Mondays, from 17.00 to 22:30.

Come to plunge into the cozy atmosphere with tea and cookies! We are waiting for you!