Open StandUp DU microphone

In the art space “ComeIn” the last “Open Microphone” was held this academic year. At the party, several StandUp DU comedians were able to perform.
13 May 2019, Monday
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Фотогаллерея новости

On May 12, in the art space “ComeIn”, the last “Open Microphone” from the “StandUp” club in the Universiade Village was held this academic year.
This evening, on the stage, 6 comedians shared their jokes, four of whom are permanent residents of the club: Yegor Gradoboev, Matvey Romashkin, Humayun Abdujabbarov, Timur Zakirov, Alexey Karpushin and Oleg Pargunkin.
The guys were joking both on student topics and on everyday ones. But the most important thing is that all the jokes were new and original.
The evening was spent in a warm and cheerful atmosphere. The audience reacted with laughter and applause to each performance.
And in conclusion, the head of the club Yegor Gradoboev summed up the year and thanked each resident for his contribution.