Presentation of the student program “Work and Travel USA”

On September 24, the ComeIn art space hosted the presentation of the most popular student program, "Work and Travel USA".
28 сентября 2019, Saturday
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On September 24, with the support of the Universiade Village Administration, a presentation of the most popular student program “Work and Travel USA” was held in the ComeIn art space.

The program appeared more than 20 years ago. Tourism has developed better in America, and hence the need for workers for small towns. Then the US Department decided to create a summer program for undergraduate students not the last year of full-time study. Today, around 1,000 students spend their summer vacations in the United States annually.

The meeting was held by program representatives together with the Smart Panda team sponsor in Russia. In the process of communication, students of the Universiade Village heard answers to their most interesting questions from those who had already visited America more than once as a student. How to draw up documents? How to prepare for an interview at the embassy? What are the difficulties and “pitfalls” of the program?

“Work and Travel” provides an opportunity to visit America while making money. Interested in? Then rather send the application and spend the summer with benefit!