School of the Universiade Village

From June 5 to June 17, in the Mari El nature reserve on Lake Yalchik, an annual school of the Universiade Village asset will take place where you can apply in Google Form.
31 March 2019, Sunday
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Do you dream that summer 2019 will be special? Then you need to go to the Universiade Village Asset School!

If you have long dreamed of becoming an activist of the DU, then this is your chance, do not miss it!

From July 5 to July 17 you will be able to:

  1. To visit the circle of active guys and recharge your batteries for next year;
  2. Find new friends of all ages from different institutions;
  3. Relax and rest after the session;
  4. Take part in events, quests, competitions and master classes;
  5. Save vivid memories of student years.
  • WHERE? Lake Small Yalchik, Mari El Republic
  • WHEN? July 5-17
  • HOW TO GET? Transfer will be provided there and back.
  • HOW MUCH IS? Travel, accommodation and meals, absolutely FREE.
  • Where to live before the camp? KFU campus will provide places for those who cannot go home.

You can sign up before May 1, send a request to the link:
You also have a unique opportunity to create your own asset change yourself! Fill out the form, suggest your events and we will implement the coolest ideas:

Have questions or want to clarify something? You can write to the messages of the group, as well as personally to the youth work specialist ( and the chairman of the Universiade Village Students Association (

This is what is expected by those who have already signed up for our Universiade Village Asset School:

Gazizova Leniza, Institute of Management, Economics and Finance K(P)FU: “I am confident that this school of asset will give a chance to make many new friends, combine business with pleasure, and leave many positive emotions and memories. That is why I really want to go there and save a piece of my soul in this beautiful place, with beautiful people.”

Daria Popova, Institute of Management, Economics and Finance K(P)FU: “I really want to go to get even closer to the asset of the Universiade Village. And also make new acquaintances. Because we have a long time to work together for the benefit of our student family."

We are waiting for you, join us!