Theater of human vices

With a deep philosophical performance in the art-space “ComeIn", the theater studio of the Universiade Village "Infinity" performed.
08 March 2019, Friday
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Did you know that the Universiade Village has its own theater studio? She organized the play with the support of the administration of the State University of Tajikistan “Universiade Village” on March 6 in the art space “ComeIn”. The theme for the performance was chosen very serious - human vices.

Have you thought about what happens after the death of the body to the soul? Is there a heaven and hell, how to live to get to a better world?

The guys tried through their staging on the stage to bring the idea of ​​how the soul passes through nine circles of hell and struggles with various human vices on the way to heaven. But the main thing is to prove that despite all the sinfulness of the human soul, it can overcome any temptations and vices.

The guests who came to the performance left only good reviews, which means the artists managed to touch on an important and interesting topic for the audience.