Tournament “What? Where? When? ”From the club DUM

Another tournament “What? Where? When? “From the Dum student club. 5 teams fought in intellectual tests and won the most creative and resourceful.
18 March 2019, Monday
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On March 17, 2019, the next intellectual tournament in the game “What? Where? When? ”From the popular club of Dum students.

Throughout the evening, 5 teams fought for the title of the most resourceful. They had to pass 20 tests and answer a variety of questions.

According to the results of the game, the 3rd place was taken by the team “Sobanya”, the 2nd place was taken by the team “Oleg” and the 1st place - the team of the club of board games “Pandorica”.

At the end of the game, we asked several questions to the members of the team “Oleg”, Nastya from the Institute of Physics K (P) FU and Ilnaz from the Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology K (P) FU.

    What can you say about today's game to our readers?

    The game was very cool. Of course, we wanted to win, especially since we lacked only 1 point to win.

    Why is your team called “Oleg”?

    Because Oleg lives inside each of us.

    Were there any difficulties in the game?

    At first it was difficult to get into the questions, they were read only once. Then we joined and it was very interesting. I urge everyone to attend tournaments. Great knowledge here is not even as important as the ability to think creatively. This is an excellent exercise and warm-up for the mind.

I would like to thank the administration of the Universiade Village for organizing students' leisure time!