Graduation club "Sharp needles"

In December of this year, the fifth group of cutting and sewing was released from the club "Sharp needles". Girls celebrated this event with a holiday at ComeIn.
25 December 2019, Wednesday
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On December 24, the Sharp Needles club, with the support of the Universiade Village Administration, noted in the ComeIn art space the fifth graduation group of sewing patterns. This group is led by a teacher Kruseva Liliya Vafikovna.
The graduation began with a debriefing. The head of the club Ponomareva Zlata and Lilia Vafikovna noted that the club has existed for two years, during this time 5 groups for cutting and sewing were released and many master classes were held.
The graduate of the course was awarded by the deputy mayor of the Universiade Village Pigaleva Lyudmila Semenovna.
Congratulations to the participants of the clubs were made by the SinalYuk group. After the performance, Dmitry Babaev arranged a musical quiz on New Year's songs. Graduates and guests of the art space with excitement and laughter guessed songs.
Ended the evening of defile of graduates in dresses that they sewed independently during the course.
In the next semester, the club will gain a new stream for the course and everyone has the opportunity to join it.