Prom night club needlework “Sharp needles”

In the Art-space “ComeIn” the fourth graduation party of the needlework club “Sharp Needles” took place. Graduates showed their work and received commemorative certificates.
15 May 2019, Wednesday
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On May 14, in the Art-space “ComeIn”, the fourth prom night of the cutting and sewing course of the needlework club “Sharp Needles” took place.

The club was founded in October 2017. Classes are taught by an experienced teacher Kruseva Liliya Vafikovna, who helps children in creating clothes and teaches secrets of sewing skills. And the club’s leader is a student of the Chemical Institute named after AMButlerov K(P)FU Zlata Ponomarev.

Deputy Mayor of the Universiade Village Lyudmila Pigaleva opened the holiday with warm wishes and presented the graduates with certificates from the club and the administration.

The participants recalled the first graduates of the course of cutting and sewing, the difficulties and their overcoming, as well as how, thanks to the support of the administration of the Universiade Village, all the necessary equipment for the classes was provided.

On the stage there were congratulations from students: Alsou Salikhova sang the song “Africa”, Grigory Zhivov read a poem about incredible love, a participant of the StandUp club of the Universiade Village Yegor Gradoboev joked on student themes, and Anastasia Tigleva sang the song “White Night” to the guitar.

After pleasant greetings, the young needlewomen held a small display of their works, which were simply amazing. No one could have imagined that just 4 months ago, the students of the course never sewed clothes themselves.

The evening ended with a creative master class.

Sewing is not only useful, but also fun, if you do it with pleasure. Join the needle club “Sharp Needles” and be happy!