Winter - battle, spring - road!

Residents of the Universiade Village amicably and merrily spent the winter and greeted spring during the celebration of Maslenitsa. It remains to wait for warming.
28 February 2020, Friday
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Maslenitsa in the Universiade Village is the annual favorite celebration of students. Students together dance, dance, sing songs and, of course, eat pancakes.
This year, the celebration of Maslenitsa took place on February 27. Together with the students, they celebrated the spring holiday, the mayor of the Universiade Village Rakhimov Ilnur Suleymanovich, the deputy mayor Pigaleva Lyudmila Semenovna and the head of the department of the organization of settlement and extracurricular work in dormitories of KFU Irina Aleksandrovna Babaykina. They congratulated the children on the holiday and wished them a warm and positive spring.

Shrovetide began with a procession through the Universiade Village, the inhabitants of each house joined the column and all the guys came to the scene together, where the holiday continued. Students of KFU and the Universiade Village performed before the students, including the Marshmallow dance group with their own dance. But the flashback from the Association of Foreign Students of the Universiade Village caused the most excitement among the guys. Everyone was dancing and singing along to familiar tunes.

Not without Pancake week and without pancakes. Everyone could test themselves on the interactive points that were on the holiday, and as a gift get a tasty and rosy pancake.
The traditional symbol of Shrovetide is a scarecrow that is burned at the end of the holiday. And the student council of each house prepared its own stuffed animal, each of which represented a separate country. Scarecrows from which countries the festival just was not - from Italy to New Zealand. Each of them had its own concept and history.

But a strict jury in the person of Ilnur Suleymanovich, Lyudmila Semenovna and Irina Aleksandrovna singled out the best symbols of Shrovetide. They became representatives of 17, ⅓, 5/3, 14, 10 and 2 houses. At the end of the holiday, to attract a warm spring and hot summer, under the supervision of the Volunteer Fire Team of the Universiade Village, they burned the largest, pre-prepared stuffed animal. After such wires, spring and summer should be very hot.