50 shades of natural dyes

12 April 2019, Friday
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Фотогаллерея новости

On April 11, in the art-space “ComeIn”, a lecture of Arkady Kuramshin, a teacher of the Chemical Institute K(P)FU, was held on the topic “50 shades of natural dyes”.

Arkady Iskanderovich, who studies natural chemical compounds, shared his knowledge with students. At the meeting, he spoke not only about dyes and the scope of their use, but also about natural pesticides and preservatives.

At the beginning of the lecture, he conducted a written survey of the guys who came to listen to him and among those who answered all the questions correctly, played his book. The correct answers to the participants were able to learn during the lecture.

The students of the Chemical Institute K(P)FU came to the meeting with Arkady Iskanderovich, but there were also those who were just interested in discovering something new for themselves. During the lecture, students learned why in the southern regions they use hot spices more than in the north. It turned out that this happened a few centuries ago, when the locals increased the shelf life of products with the help of hot spices.

Almost every question from the lecturer surprised the guys. Therefore, they left the meeting satisfied and filled with new knowledge.