“Voice and Strings” Universiade Villages

What could be better than good music and friendly company? Only the student club of the Universiade Village “Voice and Strings”.
26 July 2019, Friday
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At all times, one of the most popular musical instruments was the guitar, as it knows how to create a unique atmosphere that uniquely unites all its listeners with the power of sound. Today's article is dedicated to this very force, which created the Voice and Strings club in the Universiade Village.

About what the club lives and its members we asked its leader Sergey Bystrov.

What was the impetus for the creation of the club?

I think common interests. The main composition of the club first gathered at one of the guitar evenings. It was then that we decided to unite in “Voice and Strings”.

But in general, we are still a young club and have been working only since September 2017.

How was the 2018/2019 school year for the club and its members?

The year was interesting, despite the fact that the educational process was proceeding at an accelerated pace.

We organized tube nights in the houses and art space “ComeIn”, took part in the city festival “Songs of my soul”, “Student, guitar and me”, “Song, guitar and me”, and also developed a repertoire.

In addition, it turned out that among the students there are a lot of people who want to learn how to play the guitar, and I began training some of the guys.

Is it true that club members play not only famous songs, but also write poems and music?

Yes, that's right. Many of our guys write poetry. I wrote some songs myself. This is a very interesting, in my opinion, experience for everyone.

What would you like to say to the students who will live in the Universiade Village in 2019/2020?

Dear students! I am sure that among you there are many who are not indifferent to the sounds of the guitar, the friendly atmosphere and romance of the author’s song. And it does not matter if you know how to play or not, all this is achievable with a great desire.

We are waiting for everyone who wants to touch the musical world of the Universiade Village in our club “Voice and Strings”, as well as at student events.