How to cope with laziness

Success in any industry depends on hard work, but how to force yourself to do something if you are too lazy. We asked the residents of the Universiade Village about this.
20 February 2019, Wednesday
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In the process of studying, laziness is the main opponent of the students. Even if the pairs are interesting, most often they don’t really want to go, as for this you need to perform a lot of actions. Therefore, we decided to help you and collect some tips on how to deal with laziness.

“I do not fight with laziness, but negotiate. For example, if I know for sure that there is a list of tasks that I have to do, and today I really do not want to do this, then I do them, but at the same time I encourage myself with something. Designed laboratory - ate a piece of chocolate or watched a series of your favorite series. And so constantly. Of course, it takes a lot of time, but I don’t torture myself ”- Lisa, Institute of Physics.

“The most unpleasant things I do at the beginning of the day. I gather strength, lift myself out of bed and do everything. And for the second half of the day I have only pleasant and easy lessons ”- Pasha, Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology.

“To tune in to work or study, I first of all improve my mood. For this I can listen to music, read a book, watch a movie, just eat something tasty. When I have a good mood, I immediately want to act, and most importantly, everything always works. Therefore, for me, the best way to fight laziness is a good mood ”- Katya, Chemical Institute.

The Mayor of the Universiade Village, Ilnur Rakhimov, said: “Many cases that we don’t want to do, usually are postponed to the end of the day, and it takes them twice as long as they usually do. Therefore, in order to save more strength and energy, I do all the unpleasant things in the morning. ”

Lyudmila Pigaleva, deputy director of the State University of the Republic of Tatarstan “Village of the Universiade”, shared her advice: “I, like everyone, like to be lazy, especially for an interesting book. Therefore, I believe that in no case should I deny myself this option. But this should be done only during free time from studies and work.

In those moments when you are still lazy, and you have important tasks in front of you, just tell yourself that this business is really worth it to do, and boldly go ahead! "

We hope that these simple tips will help you cope with laziness and start doing what you have been putting off. If you wait for the sign - here it is!