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Life in the city makes us always be in good shape, I want to do everything at once: preparation for school, work affairs, hobbies, personal life, unforeseen circumstances.
16 March 2019, Saturday
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Life in the city makes us always be in good shape, I want to do everything at once: preparation for school, work affairs, household duties, hobbies, personal life, unforeseen circumstances. It seems that in a day there is not enough for another couple of hours and you cannot do without a “teleport”.

What to do if resources are running out, and the to-do list does not decrease? To begin with, break all your tasks according to priorities, into “important and urgent matters”, “important but not very urgent matters”, “not important, but urgent matters”, “not important and not urgent matters”. Make lists and begin to act on the most complex and urgent, that requires the maximum expenditure of energy.

Analyze your day, where and what your time is spent on, and observe how effectively you manage your resources.

Take a piece of paper and write on it all your affairs for the day. Even those that are not considered important. Specify also time which was devoted to each of affairs. The list will look like this: sleep - 7 hours, breakfast - 20 minutes, the road to school is 1 hour. This way you can understand what your time is really spent on.

Note that during the day it gives, and that takes your energy. For example, exam preparation, a plan at work, household chores take energy away. Think what can add you strength. It can be walks in the fresh air, an extra hour of sleep, massage, conversations with a loved one, creativity. In an effort to succeed in everything, we must not forget that our resources are limited and need to be replenished.

Often, due to lack of time, there is a lack of strength and health.

Give yourself a rest. Be attentive to your health, take into account your biological clock, at what time you are most active, and when your body needs restoring and full sleep. It is necessary to switch from one activity to another. Therefore, if you worked at a computer for 2 hours, rest at social networks would not have a positive effect.

If you have an important event scheduled in the morning, think over all the details in the evening so that you do not miss anything.

Do not forget to encourage yourself for the work done (words of praise or small pleasant purchases).

In conclusion, I would like to say: in an effort to redo all the cases, be sure to remember about the time constraints and your own capabilities.