Lecture on the development of creative thinking

A series of useful lectures in the art space “ComeIn” continues. And this time the topic for discussion was creativity and creative thinking.
15 March 2019, Friday
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Фотогаллерея новости

On March 14, in the art space “ComeIn” with the support of the Mayor of the Universiade Village Ilnur Rakhimov, a lecture on creative thinking was given by Valeria Stepashkina, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Personality Psychology, Institute of Psychology and Education.
Her lecture was devoted to creativity and creative thinking. During the performance of Valeria Alexandrovna, the guys not only participated in the dialogue, but also tried to apply their knowledge by performing the exercises.
She began the lecture with a quote from Steve Jobs: “Creativity is the ability to create connections between ideas and thoughts.” This quote has undergone a heated discussion, not all guys agreed with the definition of Steve Jobs. And Valeria Alexandrovna agreed with them, arguing that creativity is the ability to create something new in the necessary conditions. In addition, in her opinion, it is important to separate creativity from creative thinking, because creative thinking, in contrast to creativity, is not limited to frames and conditions.
During her speech, Valeria Alexandrovna also gave examples of how creativity can help in life, including in the business industry. For example, Starbucks coffee shops were the first to come up with writing the name of a client on a cup of coffee and due to this they became very popular.
Students during the lecture tried to apply new knowledge and draw emblems for organizations, invent poems.
Such meetings with interesting people in the cozy atmosphere of “ComeIn” make the guys change and develop. That is why such lectures are very popular among the youth of the Universiade Village.