Master class on oratory from Leonid Ovchinnikov

The famous business coach, coach Leonid Ovchinnikov visited the Universiade Village. He has been working for more than 40 years in the field of negotiations.
26 March 2019, Tuesday
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All people want to be listened to. “How can you make your presentation bright, interesting and original?”

On March 23, 2019, with the support of the administration of the Universiade Village and the student club “Alliance”, a master class was held by business coach and coach Leonid Ovchinnikov. He shared the secrets of public speaking, knowing that you can be successful by applying them in any field of activity.

First, you need to “get high from everything”!

Secondly, success can be achieved only if there is:

  1. Practice;
  2. Competent feedback;
  3. Focusing on strengths. What we notice in other people, we unwittingly project to ourselves. Therefore, we first notice the good, and then we think: how can we do better;
  4. Learn by teaching. Some students after graduating from the Alliance oratory school become teachers. Thus, they are pumping their skills, looking for answers to questions, repeating the past. This undoubtedly develops them;
  5. Dream big. It is necessary to represent the desired, to build a path to it, answering the questions what and when we will receive.

Leonid Viktorovich said that every speaker is an actor who, like everything, is worried before the performance. And this is normal, since adrenaline is released into the bloodstream, animal instincts work out: will the speaker be expelled from the “flock” or will he become the leader?

Here are some of his tips on how to make your performance a winning one:

  1. Turn your whole body with eye contact.
  2. Moving around the scene is better than “eight”.
  3. And, finally, in any case do not use the words of parasites. They also have their own meaning. For example, if the interlocutor uses “well”, then he is lazy, “here” requires praise, “simply” - does not take responsibility, “as if” - refuses his actions.

Friends! Watch your speech, read aloud the works of art and learn a couple of jokes so that your performance will be pleasantly remembered by others.

We thank Leonid Viktorovich for the opportunity to visit his master class for free. It was a very useful and interesting evening.