The versatility of the theater

What is acting? What is its versatility? How does it help in unlocking the student’s potential? The head of the theater studio spoke about this and another.
18 July 2019, Thursday
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Residents of the Universiade Village are students who open many doors to realize their opportunities. And one of them is the Infinity theater studio, which allows its participants to look at the world with prying eyes.

About how acting and oratory helps in life, and that reveals in each actor, said the head of the club, Alexander Tutushkina.

How did you become the head of the club?

Dreams about the theater settled in my soul back in my school years: a lot of literary contests for readers, the first theatrical productions. Having entered the university, my craving for theatrical art did not quench, and then I found my family - the theater studio “Infinity”. She became my home, my haven, a place where my favorite activity was intertwined with incredibly beautiful, kind and dear people.

It is difficult to say why they chose me for the position of leader. Perhaps they saw in me the ability to preserve that fire and energy that has been stored in the theater studio for 4 years.

What is acting for you? How does it help participants' personal growth?

Acting is the ability to transform. Being in the guise of another person, you feel his essence, live his emotions, impose his shadow on yourself. In order to understand another person, you need to become one, at least temporarily, at least through the prism of theatrical art. In addition, acting is liberating. It gives you a chance to become free from the framework and prejudice. You learn to dream and realize your cherished desires and unexpressed ideas.

What creative projects were implemented by the club this school year?

The projects implemented this year were quite diverse: master classes in acting, stage speech and stage movement, participation as animators at events at the University and the Universiade Village, literary evenings and the final performance. The largest projects were: “The Theater of Vices” and the play of four short stories “Life as It Is”, which reveals the exotic and unpredictability of adult life.

What would you like to say to students who settle in the Village in September?

Do not be afraid to experiment. Our whole life is a continuous laboratory of good moments and mistakes. It is important to test your abilities and not be afraid to step on the rake. When you find yourself and the activity that you will burn all your life, then you will become truly happy.