Conquer new horizons with the club “DUM”

In this article we will talk about the most erudite student club of the Universiade Village, in which the guys learn to work in a team and develop communication skills.
16 July 2019, Tuesday
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The main advantage of all intellectual games is getting pleasure from a sense of excitement and motivation to gain new knowledge. That is why the club “DUM” will always be one of the most popular among students living in the Universiade Village.

About how the club members spent this school year, we were told by its leader Chulpan Valieva.

What personally prompted you to become part of the DUM club?

In intellectual games, I took part for a long time, from school, also had very little experience in organizing training and games.

At some point, like any person who has a huge number of tournaments played behind, I wanted to go further. And I decided to realize myself as an organizer on student sites such as the Universiade Village.

What games did the club play this school year?

This year we had several paired games “What? Where? When? ”In the“ ComeIn ”time cafe, the“ Hat ”tournament, the intellectual festival held at the Jalil youth center, the quiz in the Universiade Village, as well as many training sessions.

Do you teach the organization and conduct of intellectual games?

Inside the club during organizational meetings, of course, there is a discussion of future tasks, and I give advice and indicate directions on how best to organize this or that tour of the game.

What advice would you give to students who are afraid to publicly participate in intellectual competitions?

Intellectual games develop logical thinking, a creative and innovative approach to solving problem situations, leadership qualities, ability to work in a team, while replenishing the store of knowledge. In addition to individual intellectual games (for example, “Own game”) there are many team games (“ChGK”, “Brain Ring”, quiz, quests), where students should not be afraid of publicity.

I believe that you need to be able to develop yourself in all directions when given the opportunity. And the students of the Universiade Village have it. Therefore, we are waiting for you at our games in the 2019/2020 academic year!