We train fortitude in the Universiade Village

The head of the women's self-defense club of the Universiade Panther Village shared his leadership experience and talked about the work done and shared plans for the future.
08 August 2019, Thursday
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How long have you been a club manager?

I have been the head of the Women's Self-Defense Club of the Universiade Panther Village since its inception, namely in April 2017.

Why are you interested in this particular area - women's self-defense?

Before entering the university, I was engaged in various martial arts and, when I entered the first year, I got into my hands the official and unofficial statistics of attacks on girls in Russia. According to these statistics, people aged 15 to 27 are most likely to be affected. Representatives of this age group are also part of the student body. And I thought it would be great to teach the residents of the Universiade Village to protect themselves.

How does martial art help in personality development? Martial arts in the development of personality play a huge role: here, the development of willpower, strengthening morale, patience, composure, the ability to soberly reason in an extreme situation, and tempering temperament - all these qualities are very important and necessary to establish successful communication in society, to achieve the set goal, not only in sports, but also in labor and social activities.

What have your students accomplished during this school year?

This academic year, the club’s working group replenished, we managed to recruit the full staff of curators of training groups: most of them are freshmen who have learned the training program perfectly and can now manage the training process on their own. The club participants held many events not only in the Universiade Village, but also outside it. With the working group, we organized training at the climbing wall, in the ice palace, in the rope park, and once a week we invite specialists of various fields: lawyers, conflict experts, psychologists, teachers, martial artists and many others. Also this year, the Panther Universiade Village Women's Self-Defense Club became the best organization among K (P) FU hostels.

Do you have something to say to students and students who will settle in the Universiade Village in the 2019/2020 academic year?

Guys, welcome to the Universiade Village, here you can find an organization according to your interests, but in no case be afraid to try something new and unknown, who knows, perhaps your new happiness will be in this new business. Look for yourself, try it, because the student body is the time when you can safely make mistakes and start over. Try to spend every day as productively as possible, develop not only the spirit, but also the body. And of course, we are waiting for you at our training sessions of the Panther Universiade Village women's self-defense club.