Final KVN League Universiade Village

The long-awaited final of the 4th season of the KVN League of the Universiade Village was held at the KFU IT Lyceum, in which the teams Kitezh, Quartet and Veronika took part.
30 April 2019, Tuesday
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On April 28, the long-awaited final of the 4th season of the KVN League of the Universiade Village was held at the KFU IT Lyceum.

In the decisive game, the most cheerful and goal-oriented met: “Kitezh” (Gorodets), “Quartet” (Institute of Physics K (P) FU) and “Veronika”. Each team fought for a unique chance to get into the republican KVN tournaments.

The teams competed in 4 contests: “Business card”, “Warm-up”, “Number with a star” and “Musical Freestyle”. At each stage, the jury scored. The artistry, preparedness and humor of the teams were evaluated by the Mayor of the Universiade Village Ilnur Rakhimov, the director of the KVN RT and the head of the KVN League of the Village of the Universiade Arthur Lomov, the program director of the KVN RT Radik Ganeyev, the chief editor of the KVN RT website Mila Rashitova, the head of “Nasha Liga KVn ecti” the semifinalist of the KVN Premier League in the Kazan team Ayrat Sungatov and the head of the Republican organization of the Russian Youth Union Elkin Iskanderov. Arman Kostanyan, the permanent presenter, supported the teams and heated the atmosphere in the hall with his jokes.

The guests of the event were the team of the “Veterinary Academy” and the stars of the ⅛ finals of the League of KVN RT “Team Universiade Village”.

In the competition “Number with a star” participants of the teams “Chicago” and “Ira” performed.

According to the results of the game, the 1st place was taken by the Veronika team, the 2nd place was Kitezh and the 3rd place was Quartet. The Cup was handed over to the winners by the champions of the last season - the “Campus” KVN team.

In addition, winners were announced in various nominations. So “The Best Actress” was Christina from the KVN team “Veronika”, and Egor (“Kitezh”) became the best actor, the “Breakthrough of the Year” nomination went to the “Quartet” team, and “The Veronika” won the game. Also the team “Veronika” was invited to the semifinals of the Student League KVN “Our League”.

The evening passed in the same breath. There were no empty seats in the hall and our grateful audience greeted each team with warm applause.

KVN unites everyone! Play KVN! See KVN! Cheer for your favorite team!

See you next season!