About the KVN Soul League

The KVN DU League is a young and international league that conducts its work on the territory of one of the largest student campuses in the country - the Universiade Village.
14 April 2020, Tuesday
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           The KVN DU League is a young and international league that conducts its work on the territory of one of the largest student campuses in the country - the Universiade Village. It was founded in 2016. In February of that year, the mayor of the Universiade Village, Ilnur Suleymanovich Rakhimov, together with the current leader of the league, Lomov Arthur Nikolayevich, made a proposal to create a league, which will become a platform for students to fulfill their goals. This idea was received with enthusiasm, and after that an agreement was signed with the League of KVN RT. On April 10, the first game was held - the Cup of the opening of the KVN DU League, and this day is considered the birthday of our SAS League, which this year already holds the fifth season of games.

            Why, in fact, DOUshevnaya, you think? We put our special, warm meaning in this name. This common word appeared not only because the league was organized on the territory of the Republic of Dagestan, but also for several reasons. One of them is, of course, students. Students with burning eyes, great potential and desire to develop. Students who like to smile and give a smile to the audience. Our SHOWER team of organizers contributes to the work of the league - this is the leader, editors and administrators, they try to do everything so that each team, each participant can realize themselves, overcome their fears and complexes. Boost your skills and, most importantly, experience amazing emotions from the moment when you are on the stage, present your humorous material, hear the audience laugh and applause in response.

            The Cheap League is also because the atmosphere is incredible! Once in it, you will want to stay for a long time. Here you will immediately feel like “your own”, you will get a charge of positive emotions, you will find many friends, which means you will become part of our emotional family!

            If you have a desire to play, but still have no experience, then this is not a reason to be afraid and think that something will not work, you will be welcomed in our league. Since the DU league is primarily educational, here you will learn how to create a high-quality humorous product, thanks to which you can realize yourself in any humorous genre, learn how to perform on stage correctly and, of course, you will get tremendous experience.

          By the way, about successes and rewards. The league is one of the leagues in the structure of the KVN movement in the republic, so the champion of the Daucheva League has the opportunity to get into the semi-finals of the republican leagues (Kazan student league, “Our League”, KVN league “Alga”), and this is already a higher level, so the motivation to strive for The result of the teams is huge. For many children, the Children’s League has become a launching pad for development in KVN, teams go from training leagues to official ones, work with other teams participating in television leagues. For example, Anna Kovyazina, administrator of our mental league, is currently the administrator of the Tatneft Team, becoming the vice champion of the Highest League of KVN in 2019. But once she, like many of our guys, assembled her team and began her Kaveenovsky path in the league DU! The graduating teams of our league have been conquering the stages of Republican leagues for several years, over and over again achieving certain successes. So, in 2017, the KVN Kazan Registration team won the Kazan Student League, and in 2019 the KVN Team Universiade Village Team became the vice-champion of Our League and the vice-champion of the open Togliatti KVN League.

          The leadership of the league is doing everything to ensure that the participants have a desire to do this thing, write more funny material, so the league also hosts events outside the game process. Various master classes and KVN schools are held, creative meetings with famous kaveenshchiks at which you can not only ask questions of interest, but also get a huge portion of inspiration for further work.

        A special feature of our league is also the continuity of the generation: the guys who played in the league in its first seasons, and who play today in the official leagues, help our newcomers and try themselves in the editorial activity, helping the main editors to work with teams.

         The DU League is where it is warm and comfortable, where there is a healthy spirit of competition, where teams are friends, where people are a sincere family, where jokes are funny, and smiles and emotions are most sincere. The Soul League is love, mutual and so strong!