KVN team of the Universiade Village in the ¼ finals of the League “Republic”

In DK them. IN AND. Lenin hosted the ⅛ finals of the KVN League “Republic”, where our team of the Universiade Village proved that it can play KVN.
25 April 2019, Thursday
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April 23 in DC them. IN AND. Lenin hosted the ⅛ final of the KVN League “Republic”, in which our team of the Universiade Village took part.

On this day, the guests of the evening met a cozy room and a friendly atmosphere. Seven teams fought for a place in the ¼ finals.

After the welcoming words of the president of KVN RT, Andrei Kondartev, our team came on the scene first. Good jokes, great vocals, funny visuals on the screen and, of course, complete dedication. All this allowed the team of the Universiade Village, based on the results of two competitions (greeting and freestyle), to score 8.4 points and go to the finals.

Excitement, pride, happiness, joyful cries of fans, and in addition compliments from the jury members. Is this not something that is difficult to be silent and difficult to talk about?

The administration of the University of the Republic of Tatarstan “Universiade Village” congratulates its national team and wishes them good luck in the next games!

Photo taken from the official website of KVN RT.