Interactive "How to organize an event: from idea to implementation"

ART CLUB Universiade Villages conducted an interactive on the topic “How to organize an event: from idea to implementation” in the most cozy cafe on campus.
10 April 2019, Wednesday
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On April 9, in the Art Space “ComeIn” with the support of the Administration of the Universiade Village, an interactive event on the topic “How to organize an event: from idea to realization” from ART CLUB head Violetta Lee was held

Violetta said that the organization of any event is the most important idea. Which also has its own criteria. It must be bold, attractive and realizable.

When the topic has been formed, it is necessary to develop a concept, to argue the need to create this project. Then decide on the place, date and time and dial the team, which includes creators, implementers and production.

In addition, when preparing a good event, each organizer must remember that he needs partners and a plan for disseminating information about the event.

Richard Bach said: "Even the most beautiful and powerful idea is completely useless until we decide to use it."

Be brave and do not be afraid to show yourself! If you decide to organize an event in the Universiade Village, ART CLUB will help you and take in their ranks.