Board games in English

In the art space "ComeIn" events are held to learn foreign languages. Board games in English allow you to practice the international language.
17 February 2019, Sunday
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Фотогаллерея новости
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Фотогаллерея новости
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Фотогаллерея новости

Since December 2018, in the art space “ComeIn”, board games in English have begun to take place with a light hand from the administration of the Universiade Village.
February 15 was another game in English
Such activities are designed so that children can practice their English language skills, which allows them not only to travel around the world comfortably, but also to broaden their horizons while communicating with foreign students on the campus.
During the evening, the guys played several board games. But “Monopoly” was the most popular, because this game requires great concentration of attention, as well as the ability to speak English and negotiate with competitors.
It should be noted that despite the recent launch of this event, he has regular participants who do not miss a single game.
If you also want to learn to speak English, then come to “ComeIn” to play board games.