Internship program from the company “You can”

On October 9, a presentation of the summer internship program from the wonderful company “You can” was held in the ComeIn art space.
11 October 2019, Friday
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Фотогаллерея новости

On October 9, in the “ComeIn” art space, the company “You can” presented summer internship programs in the USA, Italy and other countries.

A company representative told students about how to combine summer vacation, travel and work. This is a familiar format for students to travel to the USA Work and Travel and completely new interesting programs both in the USA and Italy.

Almost everyone can become a member of this program and learn better about another country, increase the level of spoken English, learn Italian and earn money at the same time.

In addition, the agency representative spoke in more detail about the peculiarities of the mentality of different countries and shared his personal travel experience.

The meeting was very exciting and useful, the students listened to literally every word, because this evening a completely different student life opened up for them - full of adventure, travel and new experiences. And everyone who left an application for an internship program that evening received a pleasant bonus from the company “You can”.

Come to events in the “ComeIn” art space and have fun and interesting time!